Some people have a story to tell in words. My story telling is with photography. Sometimes it feels like I may burst with all the untold stories inside of me. The experience of entering the sacred space of families and sharing their story, is just as much a gift for me as it is for my clients.

My name is Katie. I have three bright and sparkly daughters. We live in Nashville, TN and enjoy pajama Saturdays and breakfast for dinner when we’re feeling saucy.

I first picked up a camera when I was 15. As a teen girl, I could already feel a pull to capture what I was feeling with photography, but as a young woman I was still figuring out my own feelings, let alone capturing others’. Somewhere over time, my confidence and scope of art evolved and developed until I realized my passion is for portrait and story-telling photography.

There are as many different styles of photography as there are books, art, music. Trying to describe my style of photography feels like trying to describe my style of talking. It’s so innate to my personhood, and how my brain ticks, or how my heart beats. The best way I can describe my style is to use the analogy of reading a book. I want my photography to pull you into the world of that photo. I want you to feel the warmth of sun, or the texture of the carpet, or the weight of a small person in your arms. I want you to feel like the emotions in the picture are tangible; that you could reach in and scoop up the joy, or the silly, or the angry or the sad. I want you to feel like you know that person, just by seeing a picture of them in their element.

Photography started as a hobby, but feels so much more than that now. It’s part of how my body functions, and feels just as important as the breath in my lungs. I am so honored for the opportunity to witness the magic of the families I work with, and for the privilege of telling their stories